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Risk Management

Read how the culture and tools for risk mitigation are weaved through our company's practices.

Positive Learning CULTURE

At Backcountry Pulse, a positive learning culture is created through collective education where open, flexible, curious mentalities are shared, where students are treated equally, valued, respected, and supportive, challenging, and engaging education is fostered. Everyone shares responsibility for upholding the positive learning culture.

statement of risk

There are risks associated throughout routine functions of our daily lives, such as driving a car or using a knife. We balance these risks with our own self-awareness, assessing desired outcome while maintaining visibility along the way. At Backcountry Pulse, we know the value of teaching wilderness medicine courses in authentic environments; however, risk is inherent even for the most experienced professional when working in remote locations and facilitating medical skills. The potential for rock fall, injuries while lifting, moving or traveling in rugged terrain is present. Taking on these hazards directly align with our organizational mission of providing high quality, austere medical education and our programming benefits outweigh their potential complications. We thoughtfully manage each potential situation and never pursue unnecessary risk. Utilizing risk in an intentional and managed way inherently opens people to a level of vulnerability that allows for authentic interactions and deeper growth.


1. Promote and embrace a culture of risk management throughout each aspect of our company.

2. Anticipate the areas of risk within our programs and design policies targeted at mitigation. 

3. Implement clear and consistent systems for incident and emergency management, risk evaluations, improvements, and continually trend for the future.

4. Teach our wilderness medical courses to internationally recognized guidelines and continually update course curriculum based on the latest evidence-based practices.

5. Empower our leaders, instructors, and students to partner together and actively manage risks in dynamic environments through judgment, awareness and effective communication.

our company

We invest time and resources into our risk practices and actively put systems in place to evaluate our programming and enhance our practices. We have developed an efficient and organized emergency action plan, policies and protocols should a student or an instructor become ill or injured during a course. We manage a detailed equipment, maintenance, replacement log and have a database in place for near miss and incident reports. Our scheduled incident reviews are used to analyze injuries, illnesses, and near misses that help us learn, continually evaluate, and trend our findings to improve our practices.

Our partners

We choose to work with partners who share the same regard for continual risk assessment and improvement. Learning and working in collective environments allows us all to refine and enhance our practices collaboratively.

our instructors

Instructors are all wilderness medicine professionals and skilled outdoor experiential educators with years of experience working complex rescues and guiding groups in remote, dynamic environments. Our hiring process includes a background check and employment and credential verification. We require our staff to attend our yearly training which involves training in wilderness medicine educational techniques, curriculum updates, global health, cultural understanding, transformational experiential leadership, communication, and risk mitigation strategies. Our instructors are evaluated by students at the end of every course and are always seeking ways to improve methodologies.

our participants

Our seasoned instructors dynamically model risk awareness and mitigation and by doing so, we actively teach students to do the same. We make sure students are knowledgeable about inherent risks and hazard identifications associated with each activity throughout our courses. We empower students to partner with our course instructors as risk managers and assist in creating positive learning environments. Students are provided with pre-course information, a student handbook, health form, and liability waiver. We take pride in our attention to risk and invite you to view our forms here.