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Project Elevate

Propelling opportunities for under-tapped communities in outdoor leadership and guiding.

we are breaking the barriers to education.

We know certification courses are costly and proper training can be unattainable. With participation in the outdoors growing steadily, risk mitigation and wilderness medicine skills are vital. Chances are in your outdoor excursions, you have seen or experienced an injury or illness far from help. Project Elevate works with nonprofits, formalized groups, and clubs that have members looking to advance their career and gain quality training and certifications. This is all made possible in conjunction with our brand partners who support aspiring outdoor leaders from underrepresented communities through program funding.

We offer a comprehensive training program to aspiring outdoor leaders.

We certify recipients in Wilderness First Responder, the industry standard for leading extended trips outdoors.

In addition to WFR certifications, we incorporate outdoor leadership and risk management training, one-on one resume and cover letter writing, career placement assistance, and continued mentoring after the program ends.

We incorporate environmental stewardship.

An important part of our program is incorporating a stewardship project. We wrap up our courses not only feeling empowered by the skills we learned but also knowing we are acting as stewards of our lands. These trail restoration days are hosted by our friends at the Access Fund.


recipients are individuals that exemplify our core values of:

Courage ❖ Empathy ❖ Stewardship ❖ Leadership ❖ Passion ❖ Growth

How it works:


Both the application and questionnaire have been uploaded as .pdf format for ease of viewability. If you would prefer the .doc version for filling in your answers, send an email to and we will send it right over.

We shall never achieve harmony with the land, anymore than we shall achieve absolute justice or liberty for people. In these higher aspirations the important thing is not to achieve but to strive.
— Aldo Leopold