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Our Partners


Wilderness Medical Society

 "The mission of the Wilderness Medical Society is to encourage, foster, support, or conduct activities to improve the scientific knowledge of the membership and general public in human health activities in a wilderness environment."

The WMS is the world's leading organization devoted to austere medicine. The Society publishes a peer-reviewed medical journal on wilderness emergency care, awards research grants, advances academic careers, and expands the knowledge and understanding of wilderness medicine. The society offers the highest level of widely-recognized achievement in the field of wilderness medicine, the Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine™ (FAWM), the highest credential in mountain medicine with the Diploma of Mountain Medicine™ (DiMM), and the highest credential in dive and marine medicine with the Diploma in Dive and Marine Medicine™ (DiDMM).

  • BCP is a proud partner of the WMS, who derives their curriculum from the latest evidence-based practices deemed by the WMS. All members of the BCP team are either candidates or recipients for the highest-recognized FAWM and DiMM credentials.

One seed expeditions

 "Explore the world. Invest in people."

One Seed Expeditions hires experienced guides local to the global communities they operate.  They invest 10% of total revenue in the form of microcredit to small-scale entrepreneurs and partner with small businesses to maximize local benefit from tourism.

  • BCP’s teaches wilderness medicine courses for OS guides in South America, Asia and Africa.

American Alpine Club

mission: To support our shared passion for climbing and respect for the places we climb.

vision: A United Community Of Competent Climbers And Healthy Climbing Landscapes.

The American Alpine Club establishes national curriculum and safety standards to improve climbing knowledge and reduce accidents and has been publishing Accidents in North American Climbing since 1948. Their policy and advocacy initiatives are protecting public lands, ensuring lands are open for recreation, and safeguarding fragile environments. They have an extensive lodging network across the world, have given over 150,000 in annual grant awards funding climbing and scientific expeditions. The AAC hosts seven Craggin’ Classic climbing festivals around the United States every year and their Colorado Headquarters is home to the AAC library and the Bradford Washburn American Mountaineering Museum filled with artifacts, archives, rare books, maps, media and climbing history.

  • BCP’s teaches Wilderness First Aid (WFA) at all Craggin’ Classic climbing festivals and organizes courses at the AAC’s climber’s ranches around the country. BCP offers exclusive discounts to AAC members on programming.

adventure mamas initiative

"Redefining motherhood."

Adventure Mamas Initiative is a nonprofit organization that supports maternal wellness by facilitating adventure, building community, and providing educational resources to a dynamic community. They challenge stereotypes surrounding motherhood and encourage women to live intentional, healthy, empowered lives.

  • BCP’s partners with AMI to teach wilderness medicine and inspire a generation of mothers who guide in North & South America.

Colorado Mountain Club

"delivering conservation, education and recreational opportunities to the Colorado public since 1912."

The CMC is organized into 13 regional chapters across the state of Colorado. Each CMC Group provides outdoor recreation opportunities, skill building schools, and other social activities that customize your experience to your local geography and community. The mission statement of the Colorado Mountain Club has remained unchanged for over 100 years: "To unite the energy, interest, and knowledge of the students, explorers and lovers of the mountains of Colorado; Collect and disseminate information regarding the Rocky Mountains on behalf of science, literature, art, and recreation; Stimulate public interest in our mountain area; Encourage the preservation of forests, flowers, fauna, and natural scenery; and Render readily accessible the alpine attractions of this region."

  • BCP’s partners with the CMC to offer Wilderness First Aid & CPR courses to its membership base throughout their regional Colorado chapters.

Access Fund

"Protect America's Climbing."

The Access Fund on a mission to keep climbing areas open and conserve the climbing environment through policy and advocacy, land acquisition and protection, stewardship and conservation, landowner support, mobilization, and education.

  • Organizes and hosts BCP’s environmental stewardship day for Project Elevate.

Adventure Medical Kits

"Providing innovative, high quality first aid and preparedness products for work, home, and your next adventure."

Adventure Medical Kits (Tender Corporation) produces top of the line products and employs a strong united team to accomplish their vision of “enjoying the outdoors in every condition.” Tender Corporation is well sought after for their well-known products including After Bite®, a full line of well-known insect repellents such as Ben's® and Natrapel®, first-aid such as Adventure Medical Kits® and Easy Care First Aid™ kits, survival products with Survive Outdoors Longer®, and burn remedy products such as AfterBurn®.

  • Tender Corp/Adventure Medical Kits generously donates medical kits and medical supplies for global health initiatives and programming in South America, Asia, and Africa.

wayfinder co-op

"Co-working for Denver's outdoor inspired."

 Wayfinder Co-op is a working and community space that is member-owned and annual dividends are shared with all members. Wayfinder creates a uniquely collaborative atmosphere for people inspired by the outdoors.

  • Outdoor industry co-working space and hub for BCP wilderness medicine workshop and events.