Backcountry Pulse is a (for profit) philanthropic-oriented global rescue and austere medicine education company offering experiential wilderness medicine certification courses. Our curriculum is tailored to your outdoor activity and uniquely integrates impactful support tools for emotional agility long before and after a rescue. Our D.I.R.E. INITIATIVE PROGRAM propels the diversity of representation in outdoor leadership and guiding.

Wilderness Medicine Programming

Tailored partnership-based wilderness medicine certification programming for professionals, companies, non-profits, outfitters, and rescue operations in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa.


Initiative Program

Propelling opportunities for diversity, inclusion, representation, and equality in outdoor education through wilderness medicine, experiential education, job mentoring, and environmental stewardship.


“We are incredibly impressed with Backcountry Pulse’s ability to custom tailor trainings for our guides. Understanding the the unique challenges and situations that can occur in the mountains is a big reason why we chose their wilderness medicine program.”
— One Seed Expeditions